Finger Print & Access Control System

Biometric access control systems like fingerprint access control system offer a superior level of security than other access control systems like cards or passwords because biometric readers identify individuals, not cards or passwords. Earlier, only high security offices or institutions were able to install biometric access control systems, but now, the cost of biometric access control systems have become equal to traditional card based access control systems.

Biometric access control systems use biometric scanners as a means to provide authentications. The most common biometric access control systems are fingerprint readers, iris scanners and retina scanners. These access control systems are quite sophisticated compared to traditional methods and they give an extremely high level of security. Cards and other such devices offer big advantages compared to keys, but they can be stolen or lost by people. Biometric access control systems on the other hand, rely on unique, physical characteristics of each and every authorised user.

The most common use for biometric access control systems like fingerprint access control system, is the history log. The ability to identify who entered a controlled area and when has proven to be a well appreciated system feature. Unlike security systems which rely of keys, a biometric access control will deter misuse as individuals will know that the access control system is recording their time and date of access. Hence, they are held accountable for their actions.When a person wishes to enter a controlled door, the access control system searches a database and establishes whether the person is authorised to enter or not. If the person is granted access, the system records the date and time of entry along with the identity of the person for future reference.

Biometric access control systems have revolutionised the way businesses limit entry to secure areas in a building. Relying on keys, cards, passwords or other similar devices can be a serious problem for companies as these can be easily copied, stolen or hacked a long time before someone notices that something is amiss. Access control systems like fingerprint access control systems provide many benefits since they use several authentication methods fingerprint, passwords, smart cards. These access control systems are guaranteed to improve the security of any facility they are installed in.