Networking Services

Network Setup

Enable your organization to do more with existing resources by connecting the computers, printers, and other digital equipment in your office. Keep valuable resources at everyone’s fingertips by sharing file, printer, and Internet connection across the organization.

Remote Administration

The 1 stop facilities remote administration solutions are popular tools that allow consultants to connect to your system and address server or workstations problems remotely.

Router Configuration

1 stop facilities we provides router configuration for corporate/branch office or external connectivity.

Firewall Setup

Premier Computer Consulting utilizes a broad depth of experience with a variety of software and hardware products to configure, manage, and deploy firewalls. 1 stop facilities to block your network from intruders and hackers!

Wireless Networking

1 stop facilities offers design, installation and support for a reliable Wireless Network constructed at minimum cost to meet your current and future system traffic requirements. Our ground-breaking approach enables your organization to deploy massively scalable WLANS to support the most demanding data and voice applications while providing unlimited internal and external reach.

VPN Setup

A virtual network (VPN) is a private communications network used by companies to communicate confidentially over a public network. 1 stop facilities offers secure, cost effective methods for users to access your organizational network. VPN connections, private communication networks used to communicate confidentially over public networks, are more cost-effective than dedicated private lines and enable remote networks to communicate across the Internet.